Raising Awareness About Disability Rights in Bellevue, Idaho

Access to Justice Idaho is a non-profit organization that works to support Idaho Legal Aid Services (ILAS) and the Idaho Volunteer Lawyers Program (IVLP). Blayne has been involved in the nonprofit sector and higher education for more than 12 years, focusing on disability awareness, inclusion, and capacity-building. The organization has developed and facilitated comprehensive training that encourages organizational change through the adoption of anti-disability ideologies and a commitment to justice for people with disabilities. Access to Justice Idaho also helps local councils to create agendas and programs that aim to improve the lives of people with disabilities and, at the same time, meet the specific needs of people in a particular region.

The city's accessibility page provides more information about Bellevue's compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. The American Association for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) works to promote progressive policies and sound research to protect the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in the United States. During election season, DisAbility Rights Idaho monitors polling centers across the state to ensure that they are accessible to all Idahoans. Access to Justice Idaho raises funds to support ILAS, IVLP, and DISability Rights Idaho (DRI), which are the three main providers of civil legal services for poor and vulnerable Idahoans.

The Justice for People with Disabilities Initiative is dedicated to promoting policies that guarantee disabled people of color and those most marginalized by disability and other forms of oppression can participate in the economy and democracy. AAIDD's position is that access to benefits such as meaningful education, access to public places, inclusion in society, and medical treatment is a civil rights issue. Amnesty International (AI) is well-known for its defense of political prisoners around the world, but it also works to protect the civil and human rights of people deprived of their rights in more than 150 countries. This organization, known as NOD, promotes access to workplaces, fairness in the workplace, and respect for the civil rights of people with disabilities.

The Work and Disability Benefits Initiative was created by WID in 2000 to provide work and medical coverage to young adults with disabilities through community employment programs. This model of disability has been rejected by organizations of disabled people as inadequate for understanding disability. AI programs on disability may not receive much publicity, but they are essential in the international community of people with disabilities. The Assistance and Bill of Rights for Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act of 2000 established grant programs.

At Access to Justice Idaho, we strive to promote policies that ensure disabled people of color and those most marginalized by disability and other forms of oppression can participate in the economy and democracy. To meet this goal, NIDRR evaluates new programs and initiatives regularly to determine if they are effective in empowering people with disabilities to carry out activities in their communities.

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